SSN-AUKUS shipbuilder

The Australian Government will partner with ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) and BAE Systems for the build of Australia’s SSN AUKUS submarines. These two world-leading companies will initially form a collaborative arrangement – which will lead to the establishment of an incorporated Joint Venture – affirming their commitment to the development of a strong, sovereign and enduring nuclear-powered submarine capability in Australia. 

The Joint Venture will be accountable and responsible for the delivery of our submarines, as well as ensuring safety, security and regulatory compliance. This provides a significant opportunity to build on the existing Australian submarine enterprise to develop a sovereign, conventionally armed nuclear-powered submarine capability for the long term.

The Joint Venture will be established in accordance with program milestones to support the delivery of Australia’s first SSN-AUKUS in the early 2040s. Prior to the formation of the Joint Venture, the Australian Government will enter into a collaborative alliance with ASC and BAE Systems, enabling work to begin immediately to prepare for the build of our SSN-AUKUS submarines in Osborne, South Australia, including the ongoing design and development of the Submarine Construction Yard and the expansion of the Australian supply chain and industrial base. The ASA executed a Collaboration Deed with ASC, BAE Systems and ANI on 15 March 2024 as the first step in this collaborative endeavour.

ASC and BAE Systems Joint Venture - a single accountable entity

ASC has an unrivalled knowledge of Australian submarine operating conditions, and an existing, highly-skilled workforce and sovereign supply chain. ASC is Australia’s sovereign submarine sustainer and built Australia’s Collins class submarines. It has 35 years of experience in submarine building, testing, commissioning and certification, including physical integration of US combat systems.

As the UK’s long-term nuclear-powered submarine design and build partner, BAE Systems brings critical know-how, intellectual property and over 60 years of nuclear-powered submarine building experience.

This partnership between ASC and BAE Systems will combine the unique and complementary capabilities, skills, expertise and resources of ASC and BAE Systems for the specific purpose of delivering the build of SSN-AUKUS and will ensure a close connection between the SSN AUKUS design, led by BAE Systems in the UK, and the development, maturation and execution of the SSN-AUKUS build strategy in Australia.

For more information on employment and supply chain opportunities visit the ASC website.


AUKUS Leaders Trilateral Statement (PDF 559.48 KB) Media release: Build and Sustainment Partner media release (PDF 138.85 KB) Media release: Australian industry and jobs front and centre (PDF 191.39 KB) Build Partner factsheet (PDF 452.9 KB) Sustainment Partner factsheet (PDF 311.22 KB) Defence Industry factsheet (PDF 355.15 KB)