The Australian Government has selected ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) as Australia’s Sovereign Submarine Partner for the sustainment of conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines, commencing with the Australian Virginia class, and followed by our SSN AUKUS submarines.

ASC has been Australia’s prime, sovereign submarine builder and sustainer for the Collins class fleet for over 35 years. ASC has an unrivalled knowledge of Australian submarine operating conditions and an existing, highly-skilled workforce and sovereign supply chain.

ASC’s sustainment capability for conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines will be further developed over the next decade, through support to the Submarine Rotational Force - West and placements in UK and US shipyards, in the lead up to Australia acquiring its first Virginia class submarine from the US in the early 2030s. To develop the technical skills and know-how to sustain conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines ASC will forge strong partnerships with US and UK businesses.

Sustainment activities

The Australian Government is making significant investments in planning and mobilisation efforts for the sustainment of future Australian and visiting nuclear-powered submarines with ASC. We are targeting the deployment of over 100 personnel in the next 12 months from ASC in Western Australia to participate in sustainment activities overseas to upskill the workforce in preparation for supporting visiting UK and US submarines, as well as planning for the sustainment of sovereign Australian conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines.

Sustainment activities will also include early opportunities for Australians to conduct maintenance work on visiting and rotational US Virginia class submarines. These opportunities will build over time to include Australia’s sovereign conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered, submarines.

Selecting ASC as the Sovereign Sustainment Partner will ensure our industrial base can lift and expand to meet our existing Collins sustainment requirements and prepare for sustaining nuclear-powered submarines in Australia.

A key part of the Sovereign Sustainment Partner’s role will be coordinating Australian industry input into Australia’s submarine supply chains. For more information on employment and supply chain opportunities, register your interest through the ASC website.


AUKUS Leaders Trilateral Statement (PDF 559.48 KB) Media release: Build and Sustainment Partner media release (PDF 138.85 KB) Media release: Australian industry and jobs front and centre (PDF 191.39 KB) Build Partner factsheet (PDF 452.9 KB) Sustainment Partner factsheet (PDF 311.22 KB) Defence Industry factsheet (PDF 355.15 KB)