Industry Security Program

Defence industry, national security and business security are all intertwined. As cyber-attacks, espionage and foreign interference accelerate, Defence and defence industry must work together to address the risk of serious harm to our sovereignty, values and national interest.

Nuclear-powered submarines and their associated technologies will require enhanced security controls above those already applied to defence industry and the naval shipbuilding and sustainment enterprise. This is fundamental to delivering the integrated collective industrial base and workforce envisaged for AUKUS. 

Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine program represents the most significant industrial and technical endeavour in Australian history. Australian industry will be required to become ‘AUKUS ready’ by meeting the following security and data requirements needed to participate in the trilateral nuclear-powered submarine program.

Australian industry and academia can prepare to be part of the conventionally-armed nuclear-powered submarine program by reviewing their implementation of:

If Australian industry and academia are already implementing the requirements laid out in these policy frameworks and strategies, they will have the foundations needed to be part of Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine program.

Early and comprehensive consideration of security can help improve trust and confidence. By building security into products and services from the outset, industry can demonstrate they take cyber-worthiness and security seriously and are committed to protecting information.