Industry and workforce

Australian industry opportunities

There will be significant opportunities for Australian industry to be part of Australia’s conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarine program – from the delivery of the Submarine Construction Yard in Osborne, South Australia and infrastructure works at HMAS Stirling, Western Australia to the build of our SSN AUKUS submarines, their operation, sustainment and eventual decommissioning and disposal. Additionally, there will be opportunities for involvement in the supply chains of our AUKUS partners by contributing to the maintenance of their submarines and manufacturing components for their production lines.

Australian industry will have opportunities to contribute right from the beginning, working with ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) as the Sovereign Submarine Partner for sustainment, as well as with the collaborative alliance and eventual Joint Venture between ASC and BAE Systems as the Sovereign Submarine Partner for the build of our SSN AUKUS submarines.

Defence Industry Vendor Qualification Program

The AUKUS partners initiated the Defence Industry Vendor Qualification Program in January 2024 to streamline and accelerate the qualification of Australian companies into trilateral supply chains, initially targeting the qualification of suppliers of machine fittings and valves into the US. Already 26 Australian suppliers are being supported to qualify their products in the US submarine supply chain as part of the program.

A second phase of US qualification will commence mid-year targeting machined parts, electrical components and medium valves, with a further three phases planned for other major product families over the coming 18 months. Qualification of Australian suppliers will be completed against the major product families critical to sustaining Virginia class submarines in time for Submarine Rotational Force - West.

Concurrently, planning for a similar program focused on the UK conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarine supply chain is underway, with a view to aligning with the anticipated needs of the SSN-AUKUS. This program is planned to commence in parallel with the second phase of US qualification with a focus on Australian electrical components and battery suppliers.

Once qualified, Australian companies will be well positioned to contribute to the supply of the items and components that make up each submarine and thus contribute to a more resilient, trilateral industrial base.

As each phase commences, all registered companies will receive a package outlining the details of the phase and the product families the opportunities relate to, including information on how to get involved.

Qualification is an essential step for participation in supply chains for any of the phases. To stay connected, register on the Industry Portal.

For more information on employment and supply chain opportunities visit the ASC website.


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