Submarine Rotational Force - West


Submarine Rotational Force - West fact sheet (PDF 381.67 KB)


From as early as 2027, AUKUS partners will have a rotational presence at HMAS Stirling of, one UK and up to 4 US, nuclear-powered submarines. This presence will be known as Submarine Rotational Force - West (SRF-West).

SRF-West will help Australia build the necessary operational capabilities and skills to be sovereign ready, so Australia can safely and securely own, operate, maintain and regulate a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines from the early 2030s.

SRF-West will accelerate our efforts to develop Australia's capability to safely and securely operate and sustain its future nuclear-powered submarines.

Australian sailors will deploy on UK and US boats to develop at-sea experience with naval nuclear propulsion, while Australian maintenance personnel will support these submarines at shore.

Australia has a longstanding bipartisan policy of no foreign bases on Australian soil. Activities under SRF-West are consistent with this policy.

SRF-West platforms will be rotated through HMAS Stirling in Western Australia and will not be permanently based in Australia.

The US bilateral elements of SRF-West will be implemented under the US-Australian Force Posture Agreement.

UK participation in SRF-West will be enabled through separate arrangements.