Submarines in Western Australia


Western Australia fact sheet (PDF 348.12 KB)


HMAS Stirling, in Western Australia, will continue to be the home of Australian submarines.

Western Australia will be at the forefront of the Optimal Pathway for Australia's acquisition of a conventionally-armed nuclear-powered submarine (SSN) capability. This will include:

  • Receiving more frequent port visits from UK and US SSNs, beginning in 2023.
  • A rotational presence for UK and US SSNs - the Submarine Rotational Force - West (SRF-West) - from as early as 2027.
  • Housing Australia's first SSN capability - the US Virginia Class submarines - from early 2030s.

An additional 500 direct jobs are expected to be created to sustain SRF-West over the period 2027-2032.

HMAS Stirling will be expanded to support the scale of infrastructure required for nuclear-powered submarines - both for visiting and rotational submarines and for Australia's own nuclear-powered submarines in the future.

The Australian Government will invest up to $8 billion over the next decade to expand HMAS Stirling, creating around 3,000 direct jobs, and in turn supporting the local economy. This includes:

  • Wharf upgrades.
  • Operational maintenance, logistics and training facilities.
  • Opportunities for supporting infrastructure outside of HMAS Stirling.

Western Australian education institutions will also play a key role in the development of skilling programs to support workforce growth.