Meet Lieutenant Commander Klyne

17 October 2023

Lieutenant Commander Klyne was one of the first Australians to graduate Nuclear Power School in the United States. He will become one of the first Australians to operate a nuclear reactor on a conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarine.

Lieutenant Commander Klyne completed his tertiary studies at the University of New South Wales, whilst serving in the Royal Australian Navy as a proud member of the surface fleet.

“I loved working on surface fleet and hadn’t considered submarines until I read Blind Man’s Bluff whilst on my first deployment. It really sparked my interest in submarines and I soon applied for submariner training with the Navy.” 

Lieutenant Commander Klyne was accepted and began his training to be a fully qualified submariner. Eventually, he had the opportunity to lead a team of highly motivated, technically proficient sailors on a number of Royal Australian Navy’s Collins class submarines. 

“I have had so many opportunities in my career as a submariner in the Royal Australian Navy. Working on a submarine is challenging and exciting. The environment on a submarine is highly complex but gives you skills and experience you can’t find in any other workplace.”

Lieutenant Commander Klyne is a self-professed lifelong learner and believes in the importance of STEM disciplines as part of a well-balanced education. 

“Studying STEM not only gives your critical thinking skills, applicable to a wide variety of situations, but it also opens a gateway to understanding the world in which we live,” said Lieutenant Commander Klyne.